little about us...

Making the world a better place...

Musclewear Apparel is a upcoming activewear label that is dedicated in providing our customers with products of the highest quality & the best service.

Founded in 2020 by couple Matt & Jade, Musclewear Apparel is a small family owned business based in Newcastle, Australia. 

We would like to thank you all for the on-going support & helping us continue to do business in something we are so passionate about.

Here at Musclewear Apparel, we are doing our part to reduce our footprints left in the environment. 


All of our products are

ethically & sustainably produced.


The fabrics used for all of our products are either sustainable, renewable or biodegradable. Our fabric is thick, soft & luxurious, and is the number one factor we receive positive feedback about.


Our printing is done in house or through local business vendors. Our printers adopt the most sustainable & eco-friendly printing techniques.


We produce small & continuous runs ensuring we are left with minimal unsold inventory. Any unsold/discontinued products are donated to local charity.

This helps prevent our products from being burnt or sent to landfill, which is common industry practice.

We would love to hear your suggestions so that we can adopt more practices & continue to minimise our impact on the environment.